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Modern family (Speech)

Modern family is an American television series created by the screenwriters Cristopher ans Steven Levitanl, relased in 2009. The series is made in a mockumentary format, in which characters speak to the camera during the events that happen throught the episodes. 
Lloyd and Levitan developed the series sharing stories about theisown ``modern families´´. The release gave rise to good reviews and it was followed by 12,61 millions of spectors. From the beginning it was considered as a favourite series for the Emmy Awards 2010.
It has won the Emmy for best comedic series and the best actor. The sucess of the series made it be sixteenth TV program with the highest benefits in the year 2010, with 1,6 million dolars each episode.
In Spain it is broadeast in Fox and neox and more recently in Antena3.
Episodes start with a member of the family answering a specific question, from which the episode is developed. Episodes usually and with one of the characters off voice, who answers the initial question giving his/her personal opinion.
Pritchett family: consist of Jay and Gloria with their son Manny. They are an old man and a beautifull young girl. They have decided to get married again after a first unfortunated experience.

Dunphy family: consist of Phil and Claire with their children Haley, Luke and Alex. They are the picture of the perfect Americant family. Thats's to say, children who lock for provacity and parents who don't have enough confidence and nonsence situations everywhere.

The 3st family:  consist of Michell and Cameron . They are homosexual pavents who must face he society in country where this isn´t usual.

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